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Nick Fallowfield-Cooper is an independent filmmaker with a shared passion for people who are shaped by their landscape. His filmmaking process is about research and a yearning to share an untold story - “I feel duty bound to find people who retain a deep connection to their environment.  I strive to document their stories, and in many cases shoot it before they are lost forever."  

Nick's attitude is to shoot light, make little disturbance so not to disrupt the nuances that exist in each subject. 

Nick is the contributing picture editor for the periodical Fallon's Angler, shooting stills and video. 

Currently, Nick is working on a year long documentary film, set in Normandy, France, due for release at the end of 2023.

Some of his films are now available to watch on his YouTube channel - Solitude Films, inspired by individuals that occupy the quieter places. People who choose to shy away from mainstream society and culture.



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